The fatal change is feminine (darkrun) wrote in word_du_jour,
The fatal change is feminine

Another Greek Word from

anodyne \AE-neh-din\ (adjective) - Alleviating or reducing pain; soothing or comforting.

This word originated in Greek anodynos "free from pain," based on an-"without" + odyne "pain." "Odyne" is related to English "eat;" both originate in Proto-Indo-European od-/ed- "bite." In Germanic languages the [d] became [t], which changed to [ss] in German (as in Wasser "water"), so we are not surprised to find essen "to eat" in German. German fressen "to feed, devour" also goes back to Proto-Germanic fra- "completely" + etan "to eat up," which we inherited as fret "to wear or be eaten away, to worry."
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