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new member!

let me say that this community looks really intersting. i didnt think that they were other ppl who liked words just because...
here are some words i made up and decided to craete definitions for... (i hope this is alright. tell me if its not. i promise i will post real words, too!)

ebatyba (-e-be-di-bi-ya)
exp a word used to express hyperactivity 2. n. the condition of being overloaded, thereby "frying" the circuits of the brain, leading the detouring of neurons, thus producing sounds of jibberish

egonanakeesta (eego-nana-keesta)
exp. origin: the lilo and stitch movie. a word used as a battle cry; often followed by HAHA!

merg: (merg)
exp a word used as an expression of irritation or dissapointment; see also snargle

skreut (skroot)
1. abbrv. orgin: fifth period ("era") precalculus class a verbal abbreviation for "square root of"
2. n. a mentally handicapped amphibian

snargle: (snar-gl)
exp a word used as an expression of intense frustration
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